Day 4 – Hands of Hope

First Stop : Toilet Building (Part 2)


Second Stop : KL Group visiting Le Artisan Angkor

IP and PG Groups exploring Silk Factory

Final Stop : Orphanage at Chrese Village

Bracelet making time with our mini tutors.

Futsal game with the boys. Goooal!

“Tomato… Watermelon…” English class with the little ones.

One of the traditional games in Cambodia – Tug-of-War

Fairview vs Chrese

Guess who’s the winner?

We had so much fun spending time with children in the orphanage, but nothing more satisfying than seeing their happy smiling faces. The donation collected was used to buy necessities for the orphanage and some goods for the poor family.


Mission accomplished! Super tiring day but our hearts are so full.

Next station, we are coming home!

Day 3 – Hands on time

First stop: Oxcart riding! It’s definitely a new experience, but look, they look like they’re in so much pain.

Second stop: Palm leave weaving, bamboo weaving and paddy planting. We are so excited to get our hands on these activities after we had our legs exercise yesterday.

Experiment time! Let’s see if the palm leaves that we weaved are able to stop water from going through..

Hypothesis: It will stop water from going through.

Conclusion: What do you think? We will share with you when we go home!


Last stop: Toilet Building (Part 1)

Dig..dig..dig..We need to make sure the toilet will be 1m below the ground in order to stack up the second concrete ring.

It has been a long and tiring day, but it’s all worth it!

Day 2 – Temple Tour Day!

Rise and shine! Catching the beautiful sunrise at our first stop of the day:

Angkor Wat – The most ancient seven wonders of the world

Cycling around Angkor Wat

Second Stop : Bayon Temple

Third Stop : Ta Prohm Temple

Last Stop : Shopping at night market


First Day! Fun Day!

KL Flight Group 1 arrived Siem Reap early in the morning.

First Stop : Silk Factory

Second Stop : Tonle Sap


IP and PG Flight Group 2 arrived in the afternoon.

First Stop : Le Artisan Angkor




Pre-Departure Info


Counting down 4 more days to our expedition!

Some reminders before departure!


Flight Details (KL to Siem Reap)

Campus : Kuala Lumpur

FLIGHT (KL): Air Asia (KLIA2)
Name of teachers: 1) Mr Sky  2) Ms April 3) Ms Evonne 4) Mr Meor Hanif  5) Ms Amelia
Air Asia
Flight No.
22nd October 2018
Siem Reap
AK 542
6:45 am
7:50 am
26th October 2018
AK 543
8:35 am
11:40 am

Campus : Penang & Ipoh

FLIGHT (KL): Air Asia (KLIA2)
Name of teachers: 1) Mr King-PG     2) Ms Venus-PG      3) Ms Ming Ru-IP
Air Asia
Flight No.
22nd October 2018
Siem Reap
AK 540
1:05 pm
2:15 pm
26th October 2018
AK 541
2:55 pm
6:10 pm

Domestic Transportation (Penang)

(AK 6111)
Penang – KL
22nd October 2018 (Monday)
07:10 AM Flight take off
Estimated Time of the Arrival
08:10 AM Arrives at KLIA 2
(AK 6132)
KL – Penang
26th October 2018 (Friday)
9:40 PM Flight take off
Estimated Time of the Arrival
10:40 PM Arrives at PG Airport

Domestic Transportation (Ipoh)

Drop Off
22nd October 2018 (Monday)
Gather at Fairview International School Ipoh by 06:30AM
06:45 AM Bus depart to KLIA 2
Pick Up
26th October 2018 (Friday)
Estimated Arrival Time: 12:30 AM (27th Oct 2018)
Pick Up at Terminal Amanjaya at 12:30 AM


Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 10.26.21 AM

Packing List

Grey Fairview school shirt (2)
Fairview PE jersey (ideally 2)
Smart casual shirts (5)
Long pants (3 pairs)
Medium-length short pants (3 pairs)
Undergarments as required
*Hot pants/ miniskirts/ bikinis/ tank tops or any other revealing clothes are not allowed.
Socks (6 pairs)
Fairview School Cap
Strong, comfortable walking shoes, no open-toes/heels/flip flops
Waterproof jacket (light weight)
Water bottle
Camera + memory card + charger
Insect repellent
Waterproof zip-lock bags for camera and other valuables
Writing stationery
Pocket money (RM200 max converted to USD)
Hand phone + charger + minimum RM100 credit + roaming service
Power bank
International travel adaptor
Alarm clock
Expedition Booklet (as provided by the school)
We request that you bring your mobile phone. It should be kept throughout the activities. Your mobile phone will be confiscated if it is misused during the trip. You are fully responsible for your own mobile phone.
Note: Your checked baggage weight allowance is only 15kg. For hand carry baggage, kindly ensure that it is strictly 7kg only. No sharp items and liquid are allowed in the hand carry bags, Excess baggage is strictly not permitted!

Expedition Briefing Slides

Expedition Briefing Siem Reap S1 1819


Emergency Contacts (Cambodia)

Mr Sky (KL) : +855 63 135707001
Ms Ming Ru (IP) : +855 63 135707001
Ms April (KL) : +855 63 135707019
Mr King (PG) : +855 63 135707193